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Flypoet: A Cure for the Lost Souls of LA

Ford on the Road's next stop is the Flypoet Summer Classic at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center! With a lineup of the who's who of spoken word and a guest performance by the sublime Lalah Hathaway, it promises to be an unforgettable night! Ford blogger (and poet) Brian Sonia-Wallace experienced Flypoet first hand and chatted with acclaimed spoken word artist Taalam AceyEnjoy!

"We drive drive and we drive and we drive and we get to the part of town where it seems the American Dream is still alive."                                 -- Taalam Acey, from his poem "Brotherly Love"

Taalam's words rang in my ears long after I first heard them. As a poet myself, I drove and drove and drove until I reached Flypoet's spoken word show at The Savoy in Inglewood -- a monthly haven for us wordsmiths. Heck, these lines go beyond the poet community and resonate on a quintessentially LA level: what is LA if not driving and dreams?

Flypoet makes it very clear that this is not a coffee-house open mic. While most poetry venues in the city embrace their grassroots identity with "come as you are" open mics featuring anyone and everyone, Flypoet curates the experience of spoken word as a show with the same prestige as a night at the ballet or the opera. The acts feature seasoned performers; the show is technically flawless, with a smooth run and a steady flow of cocktails...

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