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The Ford Amphitheatre

NOTE: Due to Ford Amphitheatre renovations, which began in September 2014, the 2015 summer season will be pre-empted. No events are taking place at the Ford during this construction period (now through May/June 2016). Go here for more information on the Ford Theatres Project.

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The following information applies to dates available for the 2016 Ford Amphitheatre season only, July through October. Box office services may be negotiated. For rental information or availability of specific dates please call (323) 856-5793 or email

To download the rental application, please click here. Once completed, please email to or you can fax to 323-464-1158.

The basic rental price for a single stage performance (one 10-hour day) is $4,200 plus $1 per ticket issued. The following services are included in this price: 

-House Management and house staff

-Use of front-of-house sound system (must be operated by Ford production crew)

-Use of the Ford's lighting equipment (must be operated by Ford production crew)



Stage crew, security services, stage monitor sound system and insurance are not included. A fee of $2,100 per additional day is required to rent the amphitheatre for rehearsal and tech related to the event.

Production Manager and Stage Crew
The Ford has a Production Manager that will work with event producers in advance of events with regard to all aspects of their technical and production requirements and to develop a detailed plan for their scheduled time in the theatre. Producers typically attend at least two production/technical meetings with the Ford's Production Manager.

Technical crews are scheduled for rehearsals and performances as needed, and are paid for by the producer. Costs for crew members are billed according to the following rate schedule:

First 8 hours in a day
Hours over 8, but
less than 12, in a day
Hours over 12 in a day
Stage Supervisor
House Audio
Engineer, House Master
Other Technical Crew
35 mm Projectionist
Public Screenings, Monday - Saturday: $350/night
Public Screenings, Sundays: $525/night
Set-ups and pre-screenings: $60/hr with a 4 hour minimum call.

These rates apply for both rehearsal and performance days, and for set-up, rehearsal, performance, strike and restore. The Production Manager, in consultation with the event producer, will determine exact staffing required and provide the producer with an estimate of anticipated crew costs prior to the event.

Organizations may be allowed to use their own technical crew (with the prior approval of the Production Manager) for load-in, load-out, set-up of set, props and costume operation, but must use Ford Amphitheatre crew when hanging and focusing lights, rigging, and operating the Ford's sound and lighting control consoles.

Security Staff
Any security people needed beyond the Ford's basic house staff will be billed at $30 per hour. The Ford's Managing Director or his designee, in consultation with the event producer, will determine exact security staffing requirements.

Sound and Lighting Systems
The Ford has a high quality front-of-house sound system and a general lighting package, use of which is included in the licensing fee for the theatre. The Ford also has stage monitor sound equipment which it makes available for a nominal rental charge ($150 to $600 per day depending on the specific equipment needed).

Organization must provide evidence of third party liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 thirty (30) days prior to the event.

Deposits and Payments
A $1,000 deposit is required to secure a date on the Amphitheatre's calendar. Payment covering the rental fee and anticipated technical and security costs is due 30 days in advance of the first use of the theatre. Some events may require an additional security deposit. Exact details of deposits and payments are clarified in the licensing agreement for use of the theatre.

Curfew & Length of Performance Policy
All events must end no later than 11:00 p.m.

Sound Limit Policy
Decibel levels will not exceed 95 at any time. There will be a $500 penalty per incident deducted from the security deposit for any event exceeding 95 decibels on house db meter.

Complimentary Tickets
32 Complimentary tickets for each performance will be made available to the County for use at the disposition of the Ford's General Manager.

All publicity for the event must be submitted for approval in advance of any printing or distribution.

Nonprofit Organizations

Upon submitting proof of 501(c)3 status, nonprofit organizations may receive a rental rate of $3,500 and waiver of the $1 per ticket fee. All other financial requirements remain the same. A fee of $1,750 per additional day is required to rent the amphitheatre for rehearsal and tech related to the event.

Film Location Shoots
Film rentals are negotiated on a case by case basis. The above information is meant to provide an overview of basic rental requirements. This information does not include all components of an actual contract. The John Anson Ford Theatres are owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles and located in a Los Angeles County Regional Park. For more information please call 323-856-5793 or email